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The Xcelsior Loans have just brought change in the loan industry by their offering that are different from those ones of the banks and other credit providers with their collateral form of a loan whether you want to be a partner or a borrower is easy to apply and to borrow you just bring any movable assets in a form of a vehicle when borrowing and the loans are from R5 000 up to R500 000 but it is limited to the value of the asset offered.

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Ways to apply

To apply for the Xcelsior Loans is quick you can apply online or call them to arrange an appointment is easy to apply online they can even call you.

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To apply for a Xcelsior Loans you need to have a movable assets in a form of a vehicle then if you are in possession of one and need a loan you can apply.

What does the Xcelsior Loans offer
The Xcelsior Loans offers loans from R5 000 up to R500 000 with security, blacklisted people can apply and the easy application online makes it quick the Xcelsior Loans is a different credit provider.

Contact details

Tel:+27(0)12 997 1062 or Fax:+27(0)12 997 3948

Xcelsior Loans
Xcelsior Loans

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