RCS Personal Loans what they offer and benefits

RCS Personal Loans is a paperless application where you get to call them or let them call you by completing the call me back form/handy form they offer loans of up to R125 000 with the flexible repayment from 12 to 60 month’s and competitive interest rates and they also offer credit card that you can use for shopping in more than 500 shops in South Africa.

Ways to apply

RCS Personal Loans offers you various ways to apply the call me back or you can call them you need to have your work and personal details handy like: you must be 18 years or older, have a valid ID, 3 month’s bank statement, 1 month bank statement and a clean credit record.

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What does the RCS Personal Loans offer

RCS Personal Loans offers loans of up to R125 000 with 12 to 60 month’s competitive interest rates, call me back process where the consultant calls you and process your loan application on the phone RCS Personal Loans give you more than you can ask for in loans.

Contact details

Call:0861 729 727 or Fax:021 597 4727 or visit the Website:www.rcs.co.za

RCS  Personal Loans
RCS Personal Loans

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