Finbond Mutual Bank Loans

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Finbond Mutual Bank Loan is a Mutual Bank that is owned by its depositors, and it provides profits for its depositors like if one deposit a fund in a Mutual Bank that one gets a share or ownership in the Mutual Bank and it have two divisions the investment and saving product and microcredit product.

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Ways to apply
If you want to be the Finbond Mutual Bank Loan member you can ask the application form and sign and complete the form with your personal details and work related payments and send it back to Finbond Mutual Bank Loan with the required fica documents and proof of payment and the application form can be faxed or emailed to Finbond.

A certified copy of ID, a certified copy of proof of residence and the proof of payment for the invested amount all of this document must go together with the application form when applying for the Finbond Mutual Bank Loan.

What does the Finbond Mutual Bank Loan offer
The Finbond Mutual Bank Loan offers innovative, superior, inclusive investment, saving and credit solution meaning adding value to clients lives by contributing toward financial growth.

Contact details
Call :0860 44 22 11 or Sms :”deposit” to 33903 or Email:

Finbond Mutual Bank Loans
Finbond Mutual Bank Loans

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