EduLoan Study Loans with the online application

EduLoan Study Loans is the best for people who want to continue with education and to apply is easy you can apply online is quicker than going to stand in long queues whether you want a study loan, study tools loan and accommodation loan and to apply you only need 4 documents it is simple EduLoan Study Loans is the way to the future in education.

Ways to apply

EduLoan Study Loans offers the online application that can take 48 to 72 hours, with the right documents you can apply such as your latest sponsors salary advice, your certified copy of ID, a study fee quotation and you or your sponsors latest bank statement.

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What does the EduLoan Study Loans offer

EduLoan Study Loans offers study loan, study loan tools and accommodation loan, you can even use the online calculator to get the best affordable loan that will be easy to pay, online application no need to visit the branch EduLoan Study Loans can give your future a boost.

Contact details

Call:0860 55 55 44 or Sms:sms ‘’edu’’ to 32150 or

Eduloan Student Loan
Eduloan Student Loan

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